Google Reader interface everywhere

As I was moderating the 37 pieces of comment spam I received this morning (must’ve been a hiccup in Akismet) I was struck by how much the activity resembles reading RSS feeds. Quick scan of the contents, followed by an action. Not to mention the abundance of junk in both cases ;-)

It also struck me that the Google Reader interface would be perfect for this. By now I’m so used to the J, J, K dance of Google Reader that I find myself instinctively reaching for it everywhere.

Google Reader has great usability. It doesn’t require mouse movement, centers the content in the same location so you don’t have to move your focus, and gets everything accomplished with a few keystrokes. Try it to see what I mean. Nice job Google Reader team.

This is an interface worth stealing. I’d like to see it used in a lot more places. Anytime you have lots of items to review or take action on and the actions are fairly limited and repetitive, this is a good interface.

I have a side project I might attempt to steal this on, but I want all of you to do the same. Spread the usability goodness. AJAX toolkit writers, include this as a pre-baked widget so we can get it going everywhere.