Starling in Python?

Starling looks very interesting - it’s a “light-weight persistent queue server that speaks the MemCache protocol”. To use it you fire up your regular memcached client library, point it at the Starling server, and do a regular set to put an item on the queue, and a get to read an item from the queue.

  # Start the Starling server as a daemonized process:
  starling -h -d

  # Put messages onto a queue:
  require 'memcache'
  starling ='')
  starling.set('my_queue', 12345)

  # Get messages from the queue:
  require 'memcache'
  starling ='')
  loop { puts starling.get('my_queue') }

This thing is nice in many ways: it’s very simple with practically no configuration, ala memcached; it’s stable and scalable, running Twitter’s production backend clusters; and it speaks a simple and universally available protocol (memcache), meaning you can use any of the existing client libraries to access it.

This answers half of my request for a Python or Ruby messaging server (it does the work-queue half, doesn’t do the pub/sub half). I think I’m going to give it a try. Let me know if you’ve tried it.

It also has me thinking - with all of the multitude of async-IO capabilities out there for Python, why isn’t there something like this implemented in Python? Between Twisted, asynchat, Eventlet, and the 19 other libraries and toolkits out there, surely somebody smart could whip something together in short order?