MemCache as a General Protocol

I’ve been messing around with Starling. Working well so far, although I haven’t done anything fancy with it yet.

I also need to create several simple, small, single purpose servers (eg. one to translate IP addresses to country codes). I have the python code, I just need to turn them into network accessible servers.

HTTP/JSON would’ve been my default choice for the service interface. However, taking inspiration from Starling, I’m thinking the memcache protocol is a great general purpose way of exposing services.

The memcache API is simple - get and set - and the data is (key, value). The set and get translate well to my interpretation of RESTful GET and POST, and I don’t have to worry about the data encoding. There are many memcache client libraries available for many languages, and they’ve been built with efficiency and speed in mind. Seems like a winner to me.

So all I’d need is a framework for easily putting a memcache interface on a python code base. Know of any?