Pimp My Minivan

With 3 kids in tow I’m on the inevitable slope towards owning a minivan. Having long ago given up the last vestiges of pride in what type of car I drive, I’m perfectly ok with this, but the wife is not into minivans.

Just about everyone I know is in this boat - they know a minivan is the most practical and comfortable choice, but they really don’t want to drive a minivan.

It occurs to me that there’s a great opportunity for someone to pimp out minivans to remove some of the stigma associated with them. I’m not talking the ridiculous stuff from the TV show; drop in an aggressive front / hood, put in some nice ground effects, tint a few windows and lights, and put on some nice rims, and I’ll bet that minivan will start to look less stodgy and more palatable.

There are some very talented car artists out there, I’m sure something could be done.