Write The Damned Email

I gave a talk at UCSD a couple of days ago. After the talk several students came up to me asking about how to find internships and full time positions at Yahoo. As it so happened we had our HR folks right there and they got connected up.

I told every one of the students that I spoke with that they should drop me an email; that the best way to find a job you like is to connect with people in industry.

Two days later and not a single email. I remember being the same way as an undegrad, somehow intimidated to connect with others. I remember how surprised I was when I got several offers for an internship I had applied for.

Here’s a clue: if you want a job, ask for it. Make an effort. Write the damned email. The fact is we are hiring as fast as we can get good candidates. The positions are open and available. All you have to do is connect with somebody. And here’s a shocker: dropping your resume into a pile of other resumes is not the best way to get noticed. Talk to somebody.

There’s a strange disconnect here: I’d love to get access to excellent students; there are many positions at Yahoo and I have visibility into lots of other opportunities as well. Students want to find good jobs and internships, and there are plenty of good ones that haven’t found it. But we’re not connecting nearly as well as we could be. Odd.