Javascript Is The Guy With The Thing

Man with ShovelIn most programming languages (Java, C, Python, Perl) I’m generally thinking “I’ll put this thing on this shelf here, then I’ll do x, then I’ll pick up that thing, do some work on it, put the result over here,” and so forth.

With Javascript, particularly when used correctly, which for me means in the Way Of JQuery, the thought process is more like “When some event happens, this guy will wake up and he’ll know what to do. He’ll remember his name, what he was supposed to work on, and he’ll be carrying his own tools. He might get blocked at some point, but then he’ll just wait around and when he’s ready to go he’ll remember who he is, what he was doing, and how far along doing it he was. And when he’s done he’ll go away and along with him will go his tools and any other mess he made”.

Javascript is a lot more “guy with the thing” thinking instead of “what’s on this shelf here?” thinking. I guess that’s called closures, or something like that. Anyway, I’m liking it.

Photo by St-Even.