Trying Mercurial

All the cool kids are into Git these days and I’ve been reading plenty of articles about how good it is and how to use it. The problem is, I don’t really have a problem with Subversion. I know I should, because all the cool kids do, but I just don’t run into a lot of issues with it. In the absence of a problem to solve it would simply be peer-pressure to give Git a shot.

So in an attempt to remain ever-so-independent I’m going to try a distributed system, but not Git. I’m going with Mercurial.

Actually mainly it’s because Mercurial seems significantly simpler, and I’m a simple guy. It’s also written in Python, which gives me a warm and fuzzy. And I’m finally motivated to try it because I’m going to try a code path which may not work out, and I understand these distributed systems deal with that well.

Hmm. The main thing I’d want from a source code control system would be a bit of packaging and deployment intelligence built in. Maybe something to minify and join my javascript files and mend the files that reference them. I’m extremely pleased not to have a “make” step anywhere in my process, but I do miss some of the capabilities.

If I’m making a mistake and I should go with Git, or perhaps CVS, do let me know.