Sickening Olympic Coverage

Watching the women’s uneven bars. The announcers have spent the vast majority of the time whining and moaning Nastia’s the 2nd place finish.

Now I recall earlier gymnastics events where these same announcers said starting first is a huge disadvantage and effectively penalizes the American competitor (pretty sure it was Shawn Johnson’s event). Hmm. The Chinese winner of this event went first. I didn’t hear any whining about how she was at a disadvantage.

We’re also hearing about the incompetency of the judges. Apparently the Australian judge favors the Chinese. Makes sense that Australia would pick China over US. Eh. I’m sure it does somehow. Nevermind that his score was actually thrown out (top and bottom scores are thrown out).

The tie-break procedure is also apparently anti-U.S. I’ve heard Al-Qaeda was behind instituting it.

Watching the track events earlier I was shocked to see there were 8 athletes running in each heat. The announcers announced 2, and the camera was very clear that there were only 2 athletes running. Turns out there are other countries competing besides America. Which really pisses me off - don’t they know it’s ALL ABOUT AMERICA?

I’m sick of NBC. These guys are making America look like a bunch whining, sore losers, which is anything but the truth. The athletes are doing a fantastic job and the venue is beautiful. If only these NBC idiots would embrace the spirit of the Olympics and realize it’s not all America versus the rest of the world. It’s a celebration of the athletic spirit of the world.

There we go. And they finish with how America’s dominance of baseball and softball is so complete the Olympic committee had to drop them from the Olympics.

Think back to high school, to the rich kid who was a good athlete and had everything else going for him, but was still an asshole? There you go. Apparently that’s who we are. Despite everything we have we still can’t find it in ourselves to be gracious.

Damned Australia.