My impressions of the MacBook Pro after 24 hours. This is my first Mac and I have virtually no previous experience with Mac or OS X.

The laptop itself: solid. Almost attractive; certainly nicer than the run-of-the-mill black plastic PCs.

Heavy. Much heavier than I had expected.

Hot! This thing gets quite hot. That's not good at all.

No standard PCMCIA slot! This is almost a deal-killer; I use the verizon wireless card for nationwide internet access, so I need a PCMCIA slot. Need to look for a solution.

Slow! One of the reasons I got this was to enjoy the speed of the dual cores. I'm very surprised to see it so sluggish. Far too often it actually lags behind the key strokes. What's going on here? There should be processor speed to spare. I haven't seen windows do this in years.

Two fingers on the touchpad and the button to simulate right click? Are you kidding me? When are they going to drop the pretense and add a second button?

Camino? Camino?!? Why not firefox? Again seems a bit silly to me.

Lack of outlook calendar integration is a pain, but I can't fault the Mac for that.

The screen is nice. The keyboard is nice.

Instant-on after suspend: very nice.

Getting used to OS X has been less painful than I had expected, although I still do lose my way here and there.

I guess I had already installed a lot of the nice features on windows (launcher, finder, etc), so I'm not seeing a lot of improvement.

Overall: Underwhelmed so far. Everybody tells me soon I'll be in love and will never be able to go back. I await true love with baited breath.

I also have a brand new Vista laptop with similar specs here, so I'll be able to do a compare and contrast soon.