"Abolish XML Namespaces"

Thu 21 July 2005

The Abolish XML Namespaces article is finally published at IBM DeveloperWorks. Here's the abstract:

Experience shows XML namespaces can be a common cause of confusion and a major complicating factor in XML adoption. In this article, the author argues that XML namespaces do not offer a good solution for the problems they aim to solve, and are not needed for the majority of XML use cases in the real world. His recommendation is to deprecate namespaces or significantly curtail their usage. For cases that require namespaces, developers should use best practices and conventions to restrict the syntactical freedoms offered by the specification such that namespaces present a consistent face that's easier to understand.

To answer frequently asked questions:
- Yes, that is me in a tux
- It's from my wedding (circa 7 years ago)

Sidebar: The full length version of that picture, featuring myself in a lovely pose next to a tree, received quite a high ranking (somewhere in the 8s I think) on amIHotOrNot.com . Yes, it was posted on a dare. What can I say, I'm not only brilliant, but also a very attractive man.

It seems all my recent posts are complaints, so I'll come up with some constructive things next.