Thu 02 October 2008

Watching the Palin/Biden debate and the subsequent babbling by the TV talking heads has me depressed. Nothing of substance was said during the entire debate. What we witnessed was an audition for a supporting role in a B movie, not a debate between potential 2nd in commands of the most powerful country in the world.

Apparently these folks haven't noticed, but we're in the midst of the most serious economic downturn since the great depression. We're neck deep in two active wars. There are serious problems to solve. Are sound bites, repeated claims of "maverick", and milf references really the best we have to offer?

What is depressing is not that these folks talk in pre-cooked, substance-free parrotings, but that we really and truly are stupid enough to not only tolerate, but to encourage this.

Please, give me something to vote on beyond how folksy, how old, how female, how dark, and how maverick these people are. I'm not trying to pick the person who looks the most like the president, but the one who will act the most president.

Bah. Humbug.