beanstalkd is a promising in-memory queuing system in the mold of memcached (minimal configuration, just works) with client libraries in a variety of languages. The following worked for me for installing it on Ubuntu 8.04:

mkdir ~/packages

# pre-requisite: libevent.
cd ~/packages
tar zxvf
cd libevent-1.4.8-stable
sudo make install

# add /usr/local/lib to your load library path so beanstalkd can find libevent
vi ~/.bashrc   (add the following somewhere near the end):
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRYARY_PATH:/usr/local/lib

(exit vi)
source ~/.bashrc

# need git in order to get latest code for beanstalkd
cd ~/packages
sudo apt-get install git-core

# grab beanstalkd
git clone
cd beanstalkd

# now you should be able to start the beanstalkd daemon
./beanstalkd -d -p 99988

# get the python beanstalkd client
cd ~/packages
svn checkout pybeanstalk-read-only

cd pybeanstalk-read-only
sudo python install

# get pyyaml, a pre-requisite for the python beanstalkd client
cd ~/packages
tar zxvf PyYAML-3.06.tar.gz
cd PyYAML-3.06
sudo python install

# open two different shells (or use screen) type the following in the two different shells:
cd ~/packages/pybeanstalk-read-only/examples
python producer localhost 99988
python consumer localhost 99988