Sin City: Go See It

Tue 05 April 2005

Watched Sin City. Excellent. Really much better than I had expected.

If you like stylized movies and violence, this is for you. Mickey Rourke plays the most compelling character in the performance of his life. Bruce willis is good. Elijah Wood works surprisingly well in his role.

The movie has a great aesthetic. The dialogue is hokey, very much a direct comic book translation, but works in certain situations, particularly for Rourke's character (Marv). The ladies are not shy about displaying their talents, and there's plenty of talent.

The Tarantino touch of splitting a story in the beginning and end of the movie works well. Other than that the story is pretty much a couple of comic books laid out one after another.

Robert Rodriguez is one of the most interesting directors out there. Looking forward to more from him.