"Wiki-like Blog"

Fri 04 March 2005

So I've started this blog. But before I commit any more of my precious thoughts into this medium, let me step back and be one with the blog. Let me complain.

I'm using WordPress, which is really quite nice. But, …

You see, my thoughts, if you hadn't noticed, are not trifles to be tossed away with the wind, yesterday's news, here today gone tomorrow. They're timeless treasures, to be cherised for all time. For each topic, I'd like permanent pages with meaningful, static-looking URLs. That way I can go back and build on a topic I had approached before. Also, each post can get indexed by google and I can make a fortune selling ads.

From the Wordpress Wiki:

Posts are very time-oriented objects. You write them at a specific time, and that time defines their context. Pages, on the other hand, are most often used to present information about yourself or your site that is somehow timeless - information that is always applicable. For example, you might write a Post describing what you did or thought on a particular morning ("Breakfast was good"), but on a Page you might write something whose context is less time dependent ("This site is about breakfast").

Hmm. I disagree. The information in my posts are always applicable. They are precious nuggets of pure gold, dammit! In any case, Pages don't have static-looking URLs either (by static-looking, I mean yahoo/google index-able).

I've found some resources on this: WhenBlogsMeetWiki,
WikiAndBlog .

I want the ease of use, the chronological presentation, the comment threading, and overall prettiness of a blog, but with the information publishing capabilities of a Wiki. I guess the main aspect of a Wiki is the communal editing capability; that's not what I'm looking for in this context.

Basically, I want a blog front-end for a Wiki. Is that unreasonable?